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Advanced Sensors Ltd is a leading technology based company in the United Kingdom and provides instrumentation, detection systems and communication solutions for the oil and gas industries.

The company was formed in 2005 to exploit the market need for a trouble free, zero maintenance oil in water analyzers. Using innovative technology for which patents are pending, Advanced Sensors Ltd has produced their OIW-EX Series range of Oil in Water Analyzers.

Specializing in optoelectronic instrumentation, detection systems and communication technologies, Advanced Sensors Ltd continue to invest in the development of innovative products for our customers.

The company is committed to providing solutions which will provide accurate and timely results deliverable anywhere in the world while operating in harsh conditions.

The revolutionary OIW-EX Analyzers are the only zero maintenance, reliable Oil in Water Analyzers available in the world. They have been very well received by our customers and our mission is to continue to deliver world class service and support for world class products.


In 2013, Advanced Sensors became part of PAC LP (a Roper Technologies company), a global leader in providing advanced analytical instruments.