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Customer Testimonials

"The OIW Analyzer (AS Model EX-1000) is performing perfectly.  The equipment is providing consistent, accurate and uninterrupted measurements."

"We are currently using the Advanced Sensor units in three separate locations. We have noticed significant improvements to our operations."

"Overall, we are very pleased with the Advanced Sensor units and plan on purchasing more in the near future."

"The EX-1000 has performed beyond expectation with no maintenance issues since start-up."

"[...] installed in October 2006, since then it has been online continuously, providing reliable results with no maintenance intervention."

"The 'self cleaning' capabilities of the instrument have proved to be invaluable.”

"These Advanced Sensors' units have required no operator attention and they have freed up our lab technicians from sampling and analyzing twice a day."

"What is special about the new gauge is that it cleans itself – and the instrument outlets."

"No area for improvement [...]. Equipment is performing as expected."